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33rd Annual North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference

S10--CFTR: CFTR Structure, Function & Post Translational Modification

Nov 1, 2019 10:30am ‐ Nov 1, 2019 12:15pm


This session will discuss recent advances in our understanding of CFTR structure and its regulation by post-translational modification and modulator compounds. The session will incorporate discussions of the structures of full-length CFTR in multiple conformations with studies of its post-translational modification, which are critical for regulating these structures and channel function. These studies provide insight into the structural alterations underlying CF and the mechanisms by which therapeutics may act to restore proper channel function.

Learning Objectives:

  • Summarize the structural data available for CFTR and its use in understanding channel function.
  • Describe the post-translational modification of CFTR and the implications for regulating channel structure and function.
  • Examine approaches to apply structural models to understand the underlying molecular defects associated with disease and mechanisms by which they can be corrected.

Note: Speaker William Balch's presentation was not recorded at his request.

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