30th Annual North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference

S07: CLIN: Delivering High-quality, High-value Care in the Evolving Healthcare Landscape

Oct 27, 2016 2:00pm ‐ Oct 27, 2016 3:25pm

Standard: $49.99


The healthcare landscape is changing rapidly. As healthcare costs have risen much more rapidly over time than other sectors of the U.S. economy, new models of payment and delivery have emerged. Innovative new treatments, including personalized therapies that often with steep price tags, the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and other significant shifts in payment for healthcare, and consolidation across many healthcare industries (hospitals, drug developers, insurers and other payers) have propelled the U.S. healthcare system into a new paradigm. The impact of these changes on people with cystic fibrosis and the important CF care delivery model is uncertain and concerning to many in the CF community. This session will discuss changes in the U.S. healthcare system that may affect CF.

Educational Objectives:
  • Define the U.S. healthcare system, including the concept of value and new models to pay for and deliver care.
  • Explain how to use tools such as quality improvement initiatives and the CF Patient Registry to examine value in CF care.
  • Discuss the components of a value framework that could be put in practice for CF care in the future.

*** This session was streamed live during the 2016 NACFC. To watch free archived versions of the live streamed sessions, register here: https://arc.nacfconference.org/cff/live/16



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