Rachel Grob Ph.D.

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Rachel devotes her time to learning about peoples' experiences with health and health care. She elicits stories from diverse people, and then synthesizes and amplifies them to inform the discourse, policy processes and institutional arrangements which impact care. Her dual commitment, across the many national initiatives she leads at the Center for Patient Partnerships, is to using innovative methods for understanding health care from patients' points of view, and then catalyzing concrete changes that benefit consumers, families and communities. Rachel's current projects include (1) Acting as Qualitative Research Lead for the award-winning, internationally-vetted Database of Individual Patient Experience (DIPEx) initiative here in the U.S.; as an elected member of the DIPEx International Board of Trustees guiding patient experience work in 11 countries; and as PI/co-PI on various DIPEx studies. (2) Leading the qualitative arm on two federal grants pioneering methods to reliably elicit patient narratives about their health care encounters as part of large-scale patient experience surveys. (3) Working as co-PI on a PCORI-funded project focused on governance of learning activities in health systems, with particular focus on patient/family roles. Past projects have included families' experiences with cystic fibrosis; young adults' experiences of depression; implementation of consumer assistance under health reform; and consumers' perspectives on low-value health care.