Patricia Walker M.D.

Mount Sinai Beth Israel CF Center

Patricia Walker, M.D. specialist in the care and treatment of adults with chronic lung diseases, with particular expertise in cystic fibrosis (CF) and bronchiectasis. I am the Co-Director of Mount Sinai Beth Israel's Cystic Fibrosis Center in NYC, and Director of the Adult CF program. Upon the closure of St. Vincent's Hospital in 2010, I brought the CF Center to Beth Israel Medical Center. The CF Center at St. Vincent's Hospital was founded in 1977 by CF pioneer Carolyn R. Denning a protégé of the famed Columbia University pathologist Dr. Dorothy Andersen. Our team is committed to continuing her visionary model of multidisciplinary clinical CF care and research. For 20 years, I have conducted a wide variety of clinical research, including cutting edge trials on CF gene modulation investigational therapies, inhaled antibiotics, and the treatment of digestive complications of CF destined to influence pulmonary outcomes. Our CF Center was successful in obtaining distinction as a Therapeutic Development Center for CF research trials. I have served as the site Principal Investigator for the NIH-supported Project on Advanced Care in CF (PAC-CF). I have mentored numerous fellows and helped our nurse practioner on her doctoral dissertation in treatment and adherence outcomes. Additionally, our team has evaluated depressive symptoms in patients following lung transplantation. Most recently, the team at the Center has been active in developing an integrative approach to the management of symptoms and the burden of illness often experienced by CF patients. This work, supported by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, has recently been published.