Christopher Miller Ph.D.

Jack Bell Research Centre

Chris Miller (Ph.D.,RT, BA), Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia, Division of Respiratory and Affiliation with Infectious Diseases – Dr. Miller’s professional experience is comprehensive in both medical research and management. His holds an undergraduate degree from Ottawa University in Health Care Management. Dr. Miller, received an associate degree and worked for thirteen years as a respiratory therapist in neonatal, pediatric, cardiac, and adult intensive care units. He was awarded the Jimmy Schultz award for outstanding research by a Respiratory Therapist.Dr. Miller received a doctorate in experimental medicine at the University of British Columbia, Faculty of Medicine. His Ph.D. thesis evaluated the use of gaseous nitric oxide as antibacterial agent for respiratory tract infections and surface wound infections. He has published over 40 papers and abstracts in peer review magazines in the medical community. Dr. Miller is a pioneer in the field of NO delivery/analysis and has been consulted and assisted in writing over 20 research protocols for new uses for nitric oxide. Dr. Miller believes that NO could also be an innovative weapon in our fight against pulmonary pathogens in diseases such as cystic fibrosis, tuberculosis and ventilator acquired pneumonia. His laboratory developed a treatment model using 160 ppm NO, short duration (30 minutes). This inhalational strategy was shown by Dr. Miller to be safe in healthy humans. This exciting seminal research now opens the door to a myriad of possibilities evaluating the safety and effectiveness of NO as a first line inhaled antimicrobial treatment to augment the innate defense system or possibly as an adjuvant to antibiotics.