John D. Lueck Ph.D.

University of Iowa

I have a broad background in cell biology and physiology of excitable cells, with specific training in ion channel function and membrane biophysics. As a graduate student I worked in the laboratory of Dr. Robert Dirksen at the University of Rochester, where I studied the molecular basis for skeletal muscle weakness and wasting in myotonic dystrophy type 1. Upon completion of my Ph.D., I started my postdoctoral training with Dr. Kevin Campbell at the University of Iowa where I honed my skills in protein biochemistry, generation of mouse models of disease, and molecular biology. Recently, I have joined the laboratory of Dr. Christopher Ahern at the University of Iowa, where my research has brought me to the field of genetic code expansion. My current research focuses on the manipulation of tRNA structure/activity and amino acid chemistry to encode non-canonical amino acids into ion channels to study structure function at the atomic level. Moving forward, I am looking for an independent academic position where I will use my expertise in molecular biology, ion channel biophysics, and engineering and expression of tRNA to discover new avenues of therapy for channelopathies.