Garry R. Cutting M.D.

Professor, Pediatrics and Medicine, The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

Dr. Garry Cutting is Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine and the Aetna/U.S. Healthcare Professor of Medical Genetics at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Dr. Cutting received his M.D. degree from the University of Connecticut (1983) and completed both residency training in Pediatrics (1986) and a fellowship in Medical Genetics (1989) at Johns Hopkins. Dr. Cutting's primary research interest is in the molecular genetics of cystic fibrosis and in characterizing modifier genes underlying variation in the severity of cystic fibrosis. He is the Director of the DNA Diagnostic Laboratory and Director of the Clinical Genetics Laboratory Training Program at Johns Hopkins. Dr. Cutting's research, clinical laboratory and editorial experiences have led to a keen interest in assessing the disease liability of variants in the human genome. As CoChair of the International Scientific Advisory Committee of the Human Variome Project and Co-Editor of the journal Human Mutation, Dr. Cutting is participating in the international effort to annotate DNA variants, particularly in reference to human diseases.