Hong Dang Ph.D.

University of North Carolina

Dr. Dang received his Ph.D. from University of Louisville, KY in 1991 studying Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. He conducted research in Molecular Neurosciences studying nicotinic receptors as a post-doctoral fellow at Baylor College of Medicine from 1991-1996, and as research fellow at California Institute of Technology from 1996-2001. After working in Bioinformatics startup company, genomic service and diagnostic company, and as Bioinformatics consultant to NIEHS from 2001-2011, Dr. Dang had join the CF Center at University of North Carolina. Dr. Dang have provided Bioinformatics and Biostatistics analysis and support to collaborating faculty, particularly on high throughput gene and microRNA expression, and GWAS data. His current research interests include utilizing machine learning techniques for big data mining related to CF and other lung diseases.