Kimberly Morse LCSW

Childrens Hospital LA

Kimberly Morse, MSW, LCSW earned her Master of Social Work degree at University of Washington with a concentration in Health/Mental Health in 2001. Kimberly has spent her social work career, working with a variety of ages and medical conditions, in medical settings across the U.S, including Children's Hospital of Los Angeles (CHLA) since 2011. Kimberly has worked with patients and families in the area of Cystic Fibrosis over the past six at CHLA. During her time at CHLA, Kimberly wrote and received a CFF grant for Mental Health coordination,has co-created and led a CF Parent Advisory Board and participated on the lead team for the CFF Leadership and Learning Collaborative in 2013. Kimberly presented a case at the 2015 NACFC Consultation clinic for Chronic Sorrow and Spirituality. In 2015, Kimberly also co-presented, at the CF Nutrition and Social Work Consortium and the Annual CFRI Family Education Conference. Currently, Kimberly is participating on the lead team at CHLA for the CF Learning Network. Kimberly believes in an integrative approach to caring for CF, to foster resiliency of children, adolescents, and young adults