Andrea Kelly M.D., MSCE

Associate Professor, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Dr. Kelly is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics in The Division of Endocrinology & Diabetes at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Kelly conducts a clinic specifically for CF-related diabetes and other endocrine co-morbidities arising in CF. She is a mentor for the CF Foundation funded Envision program which mission is to train pediatric and adult endocrinologists in the care of diabetes and other endocrine co-morbidities that arise in CF. Dr. Kelly conducts multi-disciplinary, collaborative research aimed at understanding the mechanisms underlying insulin secretion defects in cystic fibrosis as well as the relationships of alterations in body composition with clinically relevant outcomes in cystic fibrosis. She has a long history of successful collaboration; she works with a multi-disciplinary team to study the underpinnings of islet dysfunction in cystic fibrosis and is the PI for the NIDDK-funded study Evaluation of the Entero-Insular (Incretin) Axis in Cystic Fibrosis and is Co-PI for the Endocrine substudy of the CFF Prospective study to evaluate biological and clinical effects of significantly corrected CFTR function (the PROMISE Study). She is the Co-PI of the Cardiometabolic Risk and Obesity in Down Syndrome as well as Cardiometabolic Health in Adolescents of South Asian Ancestry studies which understand cardiometabolic risk in these populations. Dr. Kelly was the CHOP site pediatric endocrinologist for the NIH-funded Bone Mineral Density in Childhood Study and serves in similar capacities for the follow-up study, Genome Wide Association Study of Bone Accretion during Childhood, and for the NIH-funded Bone Mineral Accretion in Young Children Study. She was also the endocrinologist for the NIEHS-funded Infant Feeding and Early Development Study.