Michael Shane Stalvey M.D.

Associate Professor

My research focus involves the pathogenic mechanisms of cystic fibrosis (CF), particularly as it relates to endocrine manifestations of the disease. My laboratory has two main focuses. The primary focus of the laboratory is understanding the contributions of CFTR to growth and bone health/metabolism in individuals with CF. The second focus is the pathogenesis of CF-related diabetes (CFRD). My laboratory efforts originated in the study of CFRD, with the development of the first animal model of CFRD. We utilized this model to not only study the pathogenesis of CFRD, but also to describe the immunologic contributions of hyperglycemia to CF. Our model has further been studied for the impact on pulmonary disease and infections. We later turned to bone metabolism and CF bone disease. Our lab detailed evidence of CFTR expression on osteoblasts (bone building cells) and relayed the communication involved in bone metabolism. More recently, we are studying the CF rat as a model of growth restriction and bone health. My CF clinical research efforts primarily center on growth in CF infants and children. We recently demonstrated evidence that correction of the CFTR improves linear growth in pre-pubertal CF children.