Thomas J. Lynch Ph.D.

University of Iowa

Dr. Lynch received his Ph.D. From the University of Iowa in 2016. His dissertation research interrogated the physiology of epithelial stem cells and their microenvironmental niches, specifically in airway submucosal glands. During his graduate education, he authored 10 publications including a manuscript published in Stem Cells, which examined airway submucosal gland progenitor cells, the influence Wnt signaling has on airway stem cell proliferation at steady-state and after injury, and the developmental processes that regulate the expansion and differentiation of stem cells in neonatal and adult airways. He is currently a postdoctoral fellow under the dual mentorship of Dr. John Engelhardt and Dr. Kal Parekh. His research interests are in the regenerative potential of airway epithelial stem cells. In Dr. John Engelhardt’s laboratory he uses transgenic mouse and ferret models to study how glandular stem cells respond to epithelial injury and how stem cell regeneration is effected by CF. In Dr. Kal Parekh's laboratory, Dr. Lynch uses an orthotopic ferret lung transplantation model to study the pathogenesis of chronic lung rejection and the progressive loss of epithelial stem cells in lung allografts.