Brian C. Devine

St Luke s Medical Center

I am 42 years old, recently just retired from working last November after being a store manager for several years for a farm and ranch supply chain. I was put on 24/7 oxygen in July 2016 and worked a few more months and realized I couldn't . In November we started discussing transplant as my pft's were now down in the mid 20's. I had a 2 week hospitalization at that point to try and see if we could boost it a little, stayed around 27. We started the Transplant process and after getting insurance all squared away, and scheduling set up my appointment was set for the end of March 2017. In late February I stumbled across Attain Health and Kat, I sent her an email and said I would love to get in the program as I was needing an extra boost to get in the best shape physically and mentally for my upcoming transplant. She replied back and said thanks for the interest we have been flooded with applicants and our first class is full! Well I didn't back down and kept emailing her and saying if anything opened ot please consider me! Well something worked because a couple week later, she said you just felt I needed to be a part of this class and let me know.....I was floored, excited , and ready....little did I know how much it would change my life..... I went to Seattle for a week and came back and did a lot of local testing for the prep work for transplant, meanwhile doing the Attain Health program daily and our weekly meetings. I did have one more hospitalization for 10 days and finished course of IVY antibiotics at home in April....The program really changed me around completely, I am currently at 36% pft's and stable there, the highest I have been in 3 years, I contribute the only major change to my daily life was this routine and what I learned from it....I have also been pushed back a little from rushing into transplant since my health has improved so much and reached a new baseline for me....