Remi Rabasa-lhoret M.D., Ph.D.

Full Professor GFT

Remi Rabasa-Lhoret (MD, PhD) is endocrinologist, full professor at Nutrition Department of Université de Montréal
- Faculty of Medicine, was FRQS scholar for 12 years (2003-2015), hold the J.A. de Sève diabetes research chair, is an active clinician (CHUM endo-division & IRCM) and at IRCM he directs the diabetes clinic, metabolic laboratory and a research platform. He has published over 300 manuscripts and book chapters (H-index 63) and received multiple prizes. He holds funding from multiple agencies including prestigious NIH and CIHR-foundation grants. The main research areas of the group are: - The development of external artificial pancreas: This new technology allows an insulin pump to adjust to the level of glucose. It has the potential to revolutionize the treatment by improving glucose control while reducing the risk of hypoglycemic malaise and simplifying treatment. - Cystic fibrosis related diabetes: life expectancy of cystic fibrosis patients has significantly improved leading to the emergence of new complications including diabetes. The team tries to understand what predisposes patients to diabetes and to understand whether earlier treatment of diabetes would improve the weight and lung function of these patients. - Obese patients without metabolic complications: His team has established the existence of these patients, which allows studying factors involved in the occurrence of cardio metabolic complications. The most recent studies indicate an association between the occurrence of metabolic complications and the presence of pollutants.