Elizabeth Bryson R.N., M.S.N., PPCNP-BC

CF Pediatric Nurse Practitione

Elizabeth (Betsy) A. Bryson, RN, MSN, PPCNP-BC, CS is a pediatric nurse practitioner at Akron Children's Hospital who has specialized in the care of infants, children and teen with asthma and cystic fibrosis (CF) for the past 35 years. She is a graduate of Bowling Green State University where she earned a bachelor's degree in nursing and then a master's degree in nursing from Kent State University fifteen years later. Her special interests in caring for this population include: 1. Adherence 2. Personalized health care 3. Use of quality improvement to standardize care of the patient with a chronic pulmonary disease 4. Multidisciplinary teams 5. Infection control with patients with cystic fibrosis 6. Transition of the patient with chronic pulmonary disease to adult care 7. Partnering with our patients and families through effective communication Betsy has presented to both professional and community group on a variety of these topics related to CF and asthma both locally and nationally. She was the co-instructor for over ten years at the North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference for a special class, 'Nuts and Bolts of CF' for new CF team members. She has also been a keynote speaker at two international conferences, one in Melbourne Australia and one in Birmingham, UK. Betsy has published a chapter on CF in a nursing book on Chronic Illnesses along with being a contributing author on two national consensus guidelines on Infection Control and Prevention in CF. Over the past ten years, Betsy has been involved in Quality Improvement work at the CF Foundation, both in a collaborative with her own team and as a QI coach for other CF teams in the US. She is the QI representative for the Division of Pulmonary Medicine, CF Center and as the co-lead for the asthma intiative project in the pulmonary division at Akron Children's Hospital. Her research work has been in transition of CF patients to adult care and she was the primary investigator at Akron Children's for a multi-center study, I CARE. She is on the Transition Advisory Board as one of the creators the CF RISE program, a transition program for teens and young adults. Most recently she is has been involved in the Partnership Enhancement Program ( PEP) and is certified as a trainer for the Relationship Centered Communication Workshop through Academy of Communication in Healthcare. For the past year, a team of trainers including Betsy have brought this program to CF Centers across the US. In her personal life, she is passionate about spending time with her husband, Rick and her two boys, Ryan and Alec. Betsy loves to travel when time allows, practice barre and yoga, read a good book and be a spectator as her sons' golf and swimming events.