Lauren Lyons MSPT, cNDT

Physical Therapist

Lauren Lyons, MSPT, cNDT, has been working with the Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital Pediatric CF Center since 2008 and also serves as an inpatient therapist. She has been involved in multiple QI/QA projects as they relate to enhancing quality of care delivered. She participated with the team in LLC6 in 2009 focusing on specific education on airway clearance as well as developing a protocol for annual exercise testing. She assisted in developing and advocating for the role of PT in the adult clinic at Yale and has served as a mentor to the adult PT staff. Current QI/QA projects include designing and implementing targeted inpatient nursing education about CF, designing and implementing a formal annual ACT annual review process as well as revising a self-management team approach to inpatient care.