Kathryn E. Oliver Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Kathryn Oliver completed her B.S. (2009; Zoology) and M.S. (2011; Microbiology & Molecular Genetics) at Auburn University, followed by Ph.D. (2016; Genetics, Genomics, & Bioinformatics) from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). Under the direction of Dr. Laura Silo-Suh at Auburn, Dr. Oliver's M.S. thesis encompassed studies regarding virulence factor production among CF and non-CF isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, including discovery of novel targets for therapeutic intervention. For her doctoral dissertation in the laboratory of Dr. Eric Sorscher (Gregory Fleming James CF Research Center, UAB), she focused on studies of F508del-CFTR biogenesis following ribosomal perturbation in both cell culture systems and cystic fibrosis mice. Dr. Oliver has continued this work at Emory University, funded by a CF Foundation Research Fellowship and Burroughs Wellcome Fund Collaborative Research Grant. As mother to a child with atypical cystic fibrosis, Dr. Oliver passionately participates in civic outreach activities, including service for the past three years as a CF Research Center team leader for the Alabama Chapter Great Strides walk, and two-time Presenting Scholar at UAB Discoveries in the Making, a community seminar series. For efforts such as these, she was awarded the 2016 UAB Community Impact Award and honored as a finalist for the Association of American Colleges & Universities 2017 K. Patricia Cross Future Leaders Award. Now living in Atlanta, Dr. Oliver is conducting basic studies regarding the impact of CFTR translational velocity on protein folding, maturation, and activity. She also contributes to investigations concerning nanoparticle-based delivery of CFTR to respiratory surface epithelium, including airway basal (progenitor) cells.