Christine E. Bear Ph.D.

Senior Scientist Professor, The Hospital for Sick Children

Dr. Bear's laboratory has had a major interest in understanding the molecular basis for ion channel activity. Her laboratory together with Dr. Jack Riordan, the co-discoverer of the CF gene, provided the first direct evidence that the CFTR protein functioned as a cyclic AMP regulated chloride channel. Since this discovery, the work in her laboratory led to key findings that underpin the current understanding in the field regarding the mechanism of action of this protein and the intrinsic defects induced by disease-causing mutations of the CFTR genes. Her methods in ion channel purification and reconstitution have been successfully applied to discover the mechanisms underlying the correction of mutant CFTR protein by emerging small molecule therapeutics and in discovering new lead compounds targeting the major CF causing mutant protein (involving partnerships with industry). She is directing a large program (funded by CF Canada and SickKids Foundation) with a focus in developing biobanks enabling personalized therapy in Cystic Fibrosis. This program provides an essential resource for the genomics and epigenomics research described in the current application.