Brian Button Ph.D.

rained as a biophysicist, Dr. Button's primary interests lie in understanding how the airways regulate the clearance of mucus to ensure lung health. In particular, his research focuses on understanding the regulation of both cilia- and cough-mediated mucus clearance and which biophysical properties govern the efficacy of mucus clearance in heath and disease. Recent focus in Dr. Buttons lab is on how the two-gels of the mucus and airway surface has yielded quantitative predictions on how and when mucus clearance fails in muco-obstructive lung diseases, such as COPD and cystic fibrosis. His research efforts encompass a spectrum of experimental systems, ranging from in vitro cell culture to in vivo animal models. Dr. Button has a joint appointment in the UNC Biomedical Engineering department as his research interests includes the design and implementation of novel techniques/instrumentation to study the biophysics of the interaction between the mucus and airway surface on a variety of model systems.