Krista Hirschmann Ph.D.


Krista Hirschmann, MA, PhD has a relentless interest in the ways people operate in complex health care systems, by constructing and communicating diverse realities. Over the last 20 years this interest has led her on a journey as a researcher, educator, facilitator and organizational leader in both university and health care settings, consulting with healthcare practitioners in the US, Canada, and Australia. Krista uses her interests to compassionately support health care teams and their resiliency with continuous changes by strengthening their interconnections through differentiating and appreciative conversations. All aspects of her work encourage healthcare professionals to enhance their skillfulness, reignite their joy, and grow as empathic and congruent human beings. She has worked extensively with assorted specialities (Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Hospice and Palliative Medicine, Surgery, and Ob/Gyn) facilitating their individual residency, fellowship, faculty development, and teamwork initiatives. More recently, her work involved overseeing a HRSA NEPQR grant for supporting nurses as leaders of interprofessional teams in patient centered medical homes. In addition, Krista is a certified professional for Relational Coordination, recognizing the mutually reinforcing dynamics of work process and relationships within high-performing teams. She is one of the few Master Trainers in the United States for the Flinders Program for the Self-Management of Chronic Conditions, and has served on the board, as Vice President of Education, and as a Faculty member for the Academy of Healthcare Communication (ACH). She also served as a facilitator for Schwartz Center Rounds for over 10 years.