David Hill Ph.D.

Research Associate Professor

Dr. Hill is a biophysicist studying the role of changes to the composition and physical properties of mucus in cystic fibrosis (CF) airway disease, as well as in other obstructive airway diseases. His research is focused on how the polymeric species that populate mucus (mucins and DNA) interact with themselves and the other chemical constituents of mucus to generate the fluids characteristic of viscoelastic properties, and how the concentration and composition of mucus are altered by disease states, which in turn alter the biophysical properties of mucus, ultimately affecting the lung's ability to clear trapped pathogens. Through this research, Dr. Hill seeks to apply our understanding of biochemical and biophysical properties of mucus and transportability to develop biomarkers of disease severity and of the efficacy of interventions in both clinical trials and pre-clinical evaluations of candidate therapeutic compounds.