Lauren Willis B.S., R.R.T., N.P.S., A.E.-C

CF Care Program Coordinator

Lauren Willis received her BS degree in Respiratory Therapy in 1996 from the University of Central Arkansas. She holds specialty credentials as an asthma educator and a neonatal pediatric specialist. Lauren has worked as a licensed Respiratory Care Practitioner at Arkansas Children's Hospital for 22 years; 19 have been with the Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine Division and CF Center. In 2008, she assumed the role CF Center Coordinator for the pediatric program which follows approximately 160 patients. This role involves coordination of patient care, center QI activities, educational program development, state newborn screening activities, and interdisciplinary team collaboration. In 2005, she participated in the LLCIV which has led to multiple QI initiatives and improvements at the ACH CF Center under her direction along with the Center Director. Her experience in QI has led her to assist other developing programs within her institution. She was coauthor on a manuscript, Redesigning Care to Meet National Recommendation of 4 or More Yearly Clinic Visits in Patients with Cystic Fibrosis, in the CF Supplement of BMJ Quality & Safety in 2014. Lauren and her team received a NBS Screening Quality Improvement Program grant in 2014 for their QI project on dissemination of genetic information related to cystic fibrosis. Lauren received a Milestone Achievement award in 2016 and Outstanding CF Advocate Award in 2017 from the Arkansas CFF Chapter for her work with people with CF. Lauren has served on several CF Foundation collaborative work groups; most recently, the Partnerships for Sustaining Daily Care. She has participated as a facilitator in the CF Foundation's CF Center Coordinator Mentoring Program. Lauren holds a special interest in newborn screening, adherence and care collaboration initiatives, and infection control within her CF Center. Lauren routinely presents or moderates during the North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference as well as speaks at local and state conferences to spread awareness of CF to healthcare professionals and within the community.