Emily Muther Ph.D.

Associate Professor/Pediatric Psychologist

Emily Muther, PhD, is a licensed Pediatric Psychologist at the Children's Hospital Colorado (CHCO) and an Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. Dr. Muther is the Director of Behavioral Health in the Cystic Fibrosis Center at CHCO. She provides integrated behavioral health services in the CF Center and has focused on implementing mental health screening and intervention, the relationship between mental health symptoms and CF-related outcomes, improving adherence to medical care, coping with illness, and improvement of overall quality of life for children living with CF and their families. Dr. Muther is a member of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation's Mental Health Advisory Committee and sits on the Research Subgroup. She is also a member of the CFF's Success with Therapies Research Consortium and an investigator on several studies aiming to improve adherence for individuals living with CF. She has led Quality Improvement initiatives to improve care by integrating behavioral health services into the CF Center at CHCO.