Kelly Martinovich B.Sc.

Ph.D. Student

Kelly obtained her Bachelor of Science at Murdoch University in 2008 and completed an Honours project in 2009 in the Tumour Immunology Group at Sir Charles Gardner Hospital. She has always been interested in science and continued working in the group as a research assistant from 2010 to 2013. She then worked as a research assistant in the respiratory medicine group at Telethon Kids Institute where she optimized a new technology to improve the growth of primary airway epithelial cells. Kelly is currently undertaking her PhD at the University of Western Australia under the supervision of Prof. Stephen Stick, A/Prof. Anthony Kicic, Prof. Steve Wilton and Prof. Sue Fletcher. She is looking into molecular therapies that target specific infrequent CFTR mutations in people with Cystic fibrosis (CF) with the potential to develop personalized threapy based upon an individual's genotype. Her project aims to develop new therapies that can target a significant proportion of individuals with CF using antisense compounds to alter CFTR splice forms and restore CFTR function. This study will set the foundations of a precision medicine pipeline with drugs specifically designed to by-pass or correct disease-causing mutations of CF sufferers carrying specific mutations. Kelly is active member of the research community as demonstrated by her role as Telethon Kids student Leader (2016-ongoing), member and president of the TSANZ WA associates committee (2013-2016), Assistant Treasurer of TSANZ WA Executive committee (2017-ongoing) and the scientific member of the CF consumer and community reference group (2017-ongoing).