Henry Danahay Ph.D.

Head of Biology

Henry Danahay received a BPharm and subsequent Ph.D. from The Welsh School of Pharmacy, Cardiff UK. He then joined the Novartis Respiratory Disease Area in 1997 and established a research group investigating airway epithelial cell function and mucus hypersecretion. Between 2002 and 2014 he played a key role in establishing the Novartis pre-clinical and clinical cystic fibrosis discovery portfolios. To this end he translated several early stage drug discovery projects through to the delivery of drug candidates into Phase 2 clinical studies. These projects have included inhaled ENaC blockers, inhaled Channel Activating Protease inhibitors and oral CFTR correctors and potentiators. Most recently, Henry co-founded and directs the biology at Enterprise Therapeutics, a biotech start-up with a focus on developing novel therapies for CF patients. To date Enterprise Therapeutics has delivered 2 candidates into development: an inhaled ENaC blocker and a TMEM16A potentiator.