Julie Renwick Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Dr Renwick graduated from Maynooth University (MU) with an Honours Degree in Biology in 2003. From there she was accepted into a PhD program in the National Institute of Cellular Biotechnology in MU where she completed her PhD in medical microbiology investigating the interactions between Aspergillus fumigatus and human and insect immune cells. In 2006 she was appointed as a microbiology and genetics lecturer in the Institute of Technology, Dublin. During her three years in this position she completed a Post-Graduate Higher Diploma in third level education in MU. In 2009 she accepted a research fellowship in the Clinical Microbiology department at the Trinity centre for Health Science in Tallaght hospital. Dr Renwick has established and developed a number of national and international clinical studies and research projects including co-founding the AIrway Microbiome in Cystic Fibrosis (AIM-CF) project. As a principle investigator of the National Children's Research Centre, her research focused on identifying and characterising the microbial communities present in the airways of children with CF and understanding how these microbial communities interact with the host and impact on disease progression. Dr Renwick is now an Assistant Professor in the clinical microbiology department in Trinity College Dublin.