Monica Ulles R.N., P.N.P.

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Monica Ulles received her BSN from St. Anselm College in NH. She has been a nurse in the Neurosurgical ICU, the Infant Special Care Unit, and the Pediatric ICU, all at the New England Medical Center. She became the CF Center Nurse Coordinator there in 1999. While at that institution, she was also the research nurse for the CF clinical trials program. When the Center Director and his patients moved to the Massachusetts General Hospital in 2002, she moved with them. While at MGH, Monica Ulles was the nursing representative to the NACF programming committee, where she was instrumental in getting the first sessions established specifically for advanced practice clinicians. She also served on the CFF Education Committee. In 2008, She moved to her current institution, Boston Children's Hospital, where she has continued to work with Dr. Dorkin and the patients they have followed together for almost twenty years. Currently Ms. Ulles spends most of her time as a Research Coordinator and Sub Investigator of the Boston Children's Hospital TDC, while still maintaining clinical care with her patients. She has presented and moderated short courses, workshops, consultation clinics and roundtables at NACF.