Jacquelyn Zirbes D.N.P., CPNP, CCRC

Translational Research

Jacquelyn Zirbes received her Doctorate in Nursing Practice from the University of Minnesota with Bachelor's and Master's in Nursing from the College of St. Catherine. The Presenter has been a care provider for CF patients since 1986 and nurse practitioner since 1990. Her clinical practice has been specifically with CF patients and their families. Although trained in pediatrics, has been involved with adult patients, CF newborn screening and transition programs in Minnesota and at Stanford University. Clinical practice also involves general pulmonary, disorders of mucociliary clearance and CF newborn screening. Presenter is certified as a clinical research coordinator, primary and acute care NP and has experience with industry and investigator initiated research trials. She has experience in program development, which includes development of the living lobar lung transplant program (Minnesota), CF Newborn Screening at the University of Minnesota and Stanford Universities. Research focus is on molecular predictors of airway inflammation, phenotype and disease progression in CF newborns, and measurements of pulmonary function by lung clearance index. Current program development is establishing a coordinated center for rare pulmonary diseases and children with neuromuscular disorders. Previously has presented abstracts, posters, discussion sessions, served as a round table leader and moderator at NACFC. Speaker has also presented research at the European CF meetings and the European Respiratory Society Meetings.