Shaina Blair M.S.W., LCSW

Mental Health Coordinator

Shaina Blair received her Master of Social Work from Baylor University School of Social Work in 2006. She has thirteen years of clinical social work experience working with adults, children and families in community, mental health and medical settings. Prior to joining the Emory CF Program in 2010, she worked for two years with pre, post, and wait listed transplant candidates in kidney and lung organ groups. Over the last eight years, her work in CF has included serving both pediatric and adult CF populations. During this time, she has played an integral role in the development of transition related education materials and team protocols for coordinating transition and has worked collaboratively to further transition specific research within the Emory care center. She currently holds the full-time role of Mental Health Coordinator for both pediatric and adult programs. She provides direct psychotherapy and mental health care coordination services as a part of the continuum of CF care at her center. She has contributed to the development of mental health focused educational resources available on and to CF care centers across the U.S., and presented a caregiver screening model at NACFC in 2016. Other highlights of her work in CF include participation in the development of the CF Foundation's Enteral Nutrition Guidelines published in 2016 and the Advanced Lung Disease Consensus Guidelines (in development), as well as membership on the CF Foundation's Education Committee since 2015.