Anne Bowen Ph.D.

Professor, reitred emeritus

Dr. Anne M. Bowen is a Professor, emeritus in the Psychology Dept. at the University of Arizona. Dr. Bowen is a licensed clinical psychologist with a strong teaching and research history. Dr. Bowen has mentored clinical psychology PhD students since 1995. She is the Mental Health Coordinator for the Tucson CF Center. Dr. Bowen's background includes behavioral assessment and therapy, behavior analysis, theory-based intervention development and delivery, face-to-face and on the Internet. She has completed a variety of ACT trainings, including ACT Boot Camp with Steve Hayes; Advanced ACT, an 8-week online program with Russ Harris; 2-day Functional ACT workshop with Kirk Strosahl & Patricia Robinson, 2 2-day workshops with Kelly Wilson and a variety of workshops at ABCT, and elsewhere. She has been teaching ACT principles since 1993 and for 5 years taught a full semester ACT seminar and supervised the ACT practicum for 2nd year clinical student at U.A. Dr. Bowen began working with children with Cystic Fibrosis in 1987, with her predoctoral mentor, Dr. Lori Stark. For her dissertation, she examined behavioral eating problems in children with CF and worked with Dr. Stark developing a group intervention to increase children's calorie intake. She consulted with Dr. Stark on early phases of the 'Be in Charge' online intervention for parents and children with CF. Other activities in her career include: developing the Wyoming Rural Aids Prevention Project (WRAPP) which was one of the first fully internet delivered interventions for HIV prevention and targets rural men who have sex with men. WRAPP included 2 years of qualitative research and then utilized Internet technology to recruit, assess, and provide risk reduction interventions to men who have sex with men in rural areas. The WRAPP project generated 14 publications and has been translated into Swedish and implement in Stockholm Sweden. She has conducted studies utilizing life history interviews with methamphetamine users, conducted photovision projects with in treatment methamphetamine users and with seniors to identify health care issues.