Pamela Millar-Büchner B.S.

Pamela Millar-Büchner received her Bachelor degree in biology in 2014 from Universidad Austral de Chile in Valdivia, Chile. Her thesis was performed at the Centro de Estudios Científicos (CECs) institute in the same city and her research included studies on the intestinal phenotype of Rett syndrome and cystic fibrosis. While working at CECs, Pamela also mentored new undergraduate students and participated in scientific dissemination activities. In 2015, after obtaining a position as PhD student, she moved to Germany and joined the Translational Lung Research Center (TLRC) in Heidelberg under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Marcus Mall. Her doctoral thesis has focused on the lung function of the epithelial chloride channel, SLC26A9. She is characterizing the lung phenotype of the Slc26a9-deficient mice to understand its (patho) physiological role in the airway epithelium. Pamela has also collaborated with her colleagues in other projects, where she has strengthens her skills on electrophysiology. Pamela has author/co-author several scientific publications and presented her most recent work at the ECFS Basic science conference.