Nam Soo Joo Ph.D.

Senior Research Scientist

I have been working in CF research field with a special emphasis on a potential role played by airway submucosal glands in the process of CF lung disease since I joined the cystic fibrosis research laboratory, directed by Dr. Jeffrey J. Wine, at Stanford in 1999. Since then I have contributed to the development of important methods in collaboration with colleagues at Stanford: an in situ optical gland secretion assay for measuring fluid secretion rates and compositions from individual airway submucosal glands; a bioluminescence assay for bacterial killing with saliva samples; proteomic assay of gland mucus from CF & control human airways and a mucociliary clearance (MCC) assay for measuring a mucociliary clearance velocity. With these methodologies, we discovered defects in submucosal gland secretory functions in CF airways from human and CF animal models (CF pigs and CF ferrets). MCC is a critical part of airway innate defense and MCC is impaired in CF subjects and CF animal models. Recently we discovered a synergistic MCC in ferret tracheae and the observation was reproduced in piglet tracheae. To better understand the underlying mechanism of synergistic enhancement of MCC and to render a potential clinical benefit to CF patients, experiments are underway to using MCC assay, Ussing Isc experiment and in situ gland secretion assay with ex vivo animals, including glandless rabbit tracheae.