Andrew W. Norris M.D., Ph.D.

University of Iowa

Andrew Norris, MD PhD, is a physician-scientist whose research is focused on the integrative physiology of diabetes across the lifespan. He is currently an Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Biochemistry at the University of Iowa. He received his PhD in molecular biophysics and MD from Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis. Dr. Norris was trained in diabetes research and pediatric endocrinology at the Joslin Diabetes Center and Boston Children's Hospital. He has broad experience and training in molecular diabetes research, fetal metabolic physiology, and the lipid biochemistry of metabolic disease. As an NIH funded investigator, Dr. Norris's laboratory currently studies i) the pathogenesis cystic fibrosis related diabetes and ii) the impact of fetal diabetes exposure on subsequent metabolism. His clinical expertise regards diabetes and endocrine disorders in youth.