Rebecca Darrah Ph.D.

Case Western Reserve University

I am a graduate of Case Western Reserve University with a PhD in genetics, and a MS in Genetic Counseling. I am an ABGC Board Certified Genetic Counselor, and an Assistant Professor at the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing at Case Western Reserve University. My program of research involves genetic components of cystic fibrosis (CF) disease severity. I've been involved with the CF gene modifier project for more than a decade and most recently became involved in determining how genes associating with disease severity are exerting their effects on phenotype. This has included studies on TGFb1, EDNRA and most recently AGTR2. My current work also involves the use of mouse models to understand the effects of disease modifying genes and I am working closely with several investigators to characterize the pulmonary attributes of CF mice, from breathing mechanics to MRI imaging techniques and response to infection. Two projects that have spun off of the CF pulmonary mouse studies have been 1) investigating biomarkers in the mouse that might serve as diagnostic markers for newborns, or as biomarkers to assess therapeutic efficacy, and 2) investigating the prenatal growth deficiency present in CF patients and mouse models, and identifying genetic components contributing to their low birth weight.