Heather Hathorne Ph.D., M.A.E., R.R.T., CCRC

Heather Hathorne received a BS in Respiratory Therapy in 2000 and a Masters of Arts and Education in 2005 from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, Al. She has been a clinical research coordinator at UAB since 2003. Ms. Hathorne assumed the role of Program Director of the UAB Cystic Fibrosis Clinical Research Center in 2005. This role involves the daily management and oversight of the UAB Center for CFTR Detection at the UAB Cystic Fibrosis Therapeutic Development Network Center, and coordination and organization of clinical trials developed at UAB or as part of a research network. In 2010, Ms. Hathornes™ role expanded to include management of the Child Health Research Unit at UAB, a research unit designed to facilitate and promote research at the Childrens™ Hospital of Alabama. She has been actively involved if efforts to characterize CFTR modulators in multiple patient populations. In April of 2015 she received a PhD from the UAB School of Public Health, Health Behavior/Health Promotion Department. She is currently the PI of the UAB site- CF Success with Therapies Research Consortium sponsored by the CFF.