Matthew DiMagno MD

Dr. DiMagno graduated from the University of Minnesota Medical School (1991-95), the University of Michigan Internal Medicine Residency Training Program (1995-98) and the University of Michigan Gastroenterology Training Program (1998-2001). He was appointed Lecturer at the University of Michigan (2001-07) where he was awarded and completed an NIH individual NRSA Post-doctoral fellowship to focus on experimental pancreatitis (2002-04). Currently, Dr. DiMagno is Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine, Division of Gastroenterology at the University of Michigan (2007-). He is an established expert in pancreatic disorders for which he has received multiple awards and is current chair of the American Gastroenterology Association Pancreatic Disorders Section Committee. As a clinical gastroenterologist and physician scientist, he is dedicated to clinical care and translational research in acute pancreatitis (AP) and chronic pancreatitis (CP). Under the auspices of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF) Developing Innovative Gastroenterology Specialist Training (DIGEST) program (2014-17), Dr. DiMagno recently began participating in teaching and clinical activities of the University of Michigan multidisciplinary CF center to gain expertise providing care to CF patients having a variety of gastrointestinal problems, particularly disorders related to the exocrine pancreas and CF. He has a particular interest in the susceptibility to pancreatitis conferred by genetic (e.g. CFTR gene mutations) and lifestyle (e.g. smoking and alcohol) risk factors. As an extension of these clinical interests, he has performed basic science research focused on the cellular and molecular mechanism of inflammation of the pancreas, funded by NIH-NIDDK. Dr. DiMagno has published epidemiologic clinical studies focused on forms of acute and chronic pancreatitis. Current studies include an NIAAA sponsored clinical trial comparing the effect of pioglitazone and placebo on clinical endpoints in patients with chronic pancreatitis; and investigation of published pilot data that a combined paging alert and web-based clinical decision support (CDS) tool increased implementation of guideline recommendations for acute pancreatitis and shortened hospital length-of-stay (LOS) by a mean 2.1 days, associated with saving $3,874/hospitalization. Dr. DiMagno's research achievements have been recognized by national awards and leadership positions, including the 2004 Janssen REGAL (Research Excellence in GI and Liver) Award, the 2006 American Pancreatic Association (APA) Best Abstract in Pancreatitis, election as Councilor of the American Gastroenterology Association Institute (AGAI) Pancreatic Disorders (PAN) Section Nominating Committee (2007-2011), election as Vice-Chair (2012-14) and Chair (2014-16) of the AGAI-PAN Section, Committee Member of the Gastroenterology & Hepatology Section of MKSAP 17, American College of Physicians (2013-2015) and service on 3 editorial boards.