Jason Woods Ph.D.

Cincinnati Children s Hospital Medical Center

Dr. Woods' research career has been focused on hyperpolarized-gas and UTE MRI and multi-volume CT and the use of such imaging to measure regional lung function, microstructure and physiology. He began his career in physics, radiology, and the dean's office at Washington University in St Louis, and moved to Cincinnati in 2013 to apply new imaging techniques to pediatric translational research at the intersection of pulmonary medicine, radiology, and neonatology. As director of the Center for Pulmonary Imaging Research at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, he leads multiple team projects related to the multidisciplinary study of lung structure, function, biology, and physiology and has led the recent international formation of the 129Xe MRI Clinical Trials Consortium. MRI and CT for study of cystic fibrosis, chronic lung disease of prematurity, rare-lung diseases, and allograft rejection are all active areas of current research.