John D. Lowman P.T., Ph.D.,

University of Alabama at Birmingham

John Lowman, PT, PhD, received his MS in Physical Therapy from Duke University in 1995 and began seeing patients with CF in 1996 at Duke University Hospital where he worked for almost a decade. He has been a board-certified cardiovascular and pulmonary physical therapy clinical specialist since 1999 and received his PhD in Physiology from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2004. He has been involved in the physical therapy management of patients with CF for 20 years, primarily in acute care, but also in outpatient and home-based settings, and has been active in CF exercise-related research since 2008. He is currently an Associate Professor of Physical Therapy at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and is a site-primary investigator on the international exercise trial, Effects of a Partially Supervised Conditioning Program in CF (ACTIVATE-CF).