Susan Reynolds Ph.D.

I received my PhD in Developmental Biology at the University of Rochester, Rochester, New York. My post-doctoral work with Barry R. Stripp at the University of Rochester, led to identification of a subset of naphthalene-resistant, label-retaining Clara cells (variant Clara cells, vCE). We continued this work after moving to the University of Pittsburgh and demonstrated that β-catenin inhibited post-natal Clara cell differentiation. Since establishing my own laboratory at National Jewish Health, I have focused on the cellular and molecular mechanisms regulating repair of the adult tracheobronchial epithelium. My group identified a multipotential basal cell in vivo, purified this cell using flow cytometry, and demonstrated that it repopulates the tracheobronchial airways after transplantation. Now that I have joined the faculty at Nationwide Children's Hospital and The Ohio State University, I am focused on using tissue stem cells as cell based therapy for pediatric lung diseases.

Susan D. Reynolds,
PhD Nationwide Children's Hospital,
Columbus, Ohio 43206