Robert Quinn Ph.D.

Dr. Robert Quinn is a microbiologist at the University of California at San Diego working with Dr. Pieter Dorrestein and Dr. Rob Knight. He received his PhD from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where he studied marine microbial ecology. Since his graduate work Dr. Quinn's main focus has been understanding the structure and function of the CF lung microbial infection. He recently completed postdoctoral training with Dr. Forest Rohwer at San Diego State University. His work has used metagenomics (DNA sequencing) and metabolomics (chemical analysis) to peer deep into the microbial and host physiology in CF lungs. His recent findings have shown that anaerobes and fermentation may have a particularly important role in CF pathology and that the metabolome of CF lungs is a complex milieu of host, microbial, and xenobiotic metabolites. Dr. Quinn uses an ecological approach to study the CF lung as a complex interacting community, adopting methods and philosophy from classical ecology.