Joshua Rosenthal Ph.D.

Instituto de Neurobiologia

Joshua Rosenthal received a BS in Biology from Haverford College in 1985. He then received a Ph.D. in Biology from Stanford University in 1996. While at Stanford he worked on the molecular biology and biophysics of voltage-dependent ion channels with Dr. William Gilly as an adviser. For his postdoctoral studies, J Rosenthal went to UCLA to work on ion channel biophysics and regulation with Dr. Francisco Bezanilla. While at UCLA he developed an interest in the process of RNA editing by adenosine deamination and how it affects the the physiological properties of voltage-dependent K+ channels. In 2004 J Rosenthal joined the faculty of the Institute of Neurobiology, part of the University of Puerto Rico's Medical Sciences campus, as an assistant professor. Recently he was promoted to the rank of professor. Dr. Rosenthal's lab focuses on the process of RNA editing on several different levels. First, it looks at how RNA editing affects ion channel and transporter function. Second, it studies the structure-function of RNA editing enzymes. Finally, recent work has been directed at how RNA editing can be used as a therapeutic tool to correct genetic mutations. Accordingly, the lab has designed a system termed \site-directed RNA editing.\ Although the lab has little direct experience with Cystic Fibrosis, we have recently used site-directed RNA editing to correct premature termination codons within CFTR.