Venkateshwar Mutyam

Dr. Mutyam's primary research interests include understanding the basic mechanistic defects underlying ion transport in airway epithelial cells and its associated physiology that could help find cure for cystic fibrosis. He is well versed in the areas of in vitro cell culture, molecular biology, protein biochemistry and membrane transport, which has allowed him significantly contribute to ongoing research projects involving the role of CFTR in cystic fibrosis. His current research focuses on identification and testing the efficacy of novel drugs that could potentially treat CF patients with nonsense mutations. Dr. Mutyam has advanced the use of high throughput screening technology to identify CF drugs and his initial drug screening efforts has lead to discovery of Escin, an herbal agent isolated from horse chestnut that has been shown restore CFTR function. This work has laid foundation for successful grant funding's and many industrial collaborations. Dr. Mutyam is also leading the studies to help establish primary airway epithelial cells from individual CF patients with unique genetic defects as readily available laboratory models for drug screening using state of the art tissue culture techniques.