Brett T. Staahl Ph.D.

University of California, Berkeley

Dr. Brett Staahl is currently a post-doctoral scholar in the lab of Prof. Jennifer Doudna at University of California, Berkeley. His current research project is the research and development of a gene-editing technology toward a medical therapy for genetically dominant neurological diseases. Brett completed his Ph.D. (2013) in Developmental Biology at Stanford University in the lab of Prof. Gerald Crabtree. His thesis work elucidated a genetic circuit underlying the switch in subunit composition of the BAF (mSWI/SNF) chromatin-remodeling complex required for neural stem cell differentiation into neurons. He also tested molecular mechanisms for how mutations in this genetic circuit cause neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative diseases. Brett received a B.S. in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology from The University of Colorado, Boulder (1998) where he did research on cellular oxygen sensing mechanisms in the yeast S. cerevisiae, a facultative anaerobe. Between CU Boulder and Stanford University he was associated with Galileo Laboratories, a start-up biotech enterprise developing redox active molecules to protect cells from oxidative stress associated with chronic disease and acute stroke.