Patrick Harrison Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer

Patrick Harrison PhD University College Cork, IRELAND Patrick Harrison leads a CFTR gene editing group at University College Cork in Ireland, and is the European Editor of the journal Gene Therapy. His research group pioneered the use of ZFNs{1) and Cas9/gRNA(2) to correct the most common Cystic Fibrosis (CF) causing mutation using the homology-directed repair (HDR) pathway in cell models of disease. The current focus is the optimisation of base editing techniques to repair PTC mutations such as W1282X, NHEJ-based gene editing techniques to correct splicing(3) and frameshift mutations directly, and the use of CRISPR mediated homology-independent targeted integration of superexons(4) to correct many different CF-causing mutations as a potential therapeutic strategy. His research group is currently funded by the CF Foundation (USA) and the CF Trust (UK), and has active collaborations with researchers in London, Lisbon, and the USA working towards the development of gene editing as a one-time cure for all people with CF. 1) Lee, CM et al. (2012). BioResearch Open Access 1: 99-108 2) Hollywood JA et al. (2016). Scientific Reports 6:32230 3) Sanz DJ et al. (2017). PLoS One 12:e0184009 4) Harrison PT et al. (2018). Journal of Cystic Fibrosis 17:10-16